The Foodie Day Out

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Tutored Wine Tasting at Kilmorna House

Compare and contrast a variety of wines using the professional tasting technique and enjoy cheese, salami and smoked salmon plates.   Most of all … have fun!

Barron's Bakery

At Barron's Bakery the same Scotch Brick Ovens have been used for generations to bake the family's unmistakeable crusty bread. Esther will guide you through what is probably the last bakery in Ireland using these ovens which give the bread its unique quality and delicious taste.

Knockanore Farmhouse Cheese

Tour the dairy farm that has turned its hand to the art of traditional artisanal cheese making. The result is delicious wheels of cheese, some smoked in a traditional kiln or flavoured with herbs and spices, which have won gold at the Irish & World Cheese Awards.

Baldwin's Farmhouse Ice Cream

Once the Baldwins used to just run a dairy farm; now fresh milk and cream from the Baldwin's herd is combined with other natural ingredents to produce mouth watering ice cream. See how the ice cream is made in small batches to guarantee its taste and goodness. Try to resist a taste of the many flavours: caramel fudge, strawberry, rum and raisin and many more.

The Lismore Food Company

The Lismore Food Company continues A Family tradition of artisan craft baking that is almost two hundred years old. Beth-Ann Smith and brothers Owen and Ken Madden are the purveyors of fine biscuits, which are handmade with the very best of ingredients in this historic building. Now called The Summerhouse the family once had a public house here where Hollywood icon Fred Astaire would frequent! demonstration at The Lismore Food Company, taste the biscuits and bring some home.

The Choice is Yours

Musical entertainment and themed evenings also available upon request.

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