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Pick and choose from all the options listed here to create the school tour that best suits your class. We will be more than happy to help you plan your day; simply give us a call.

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The Woodland Wanderers
School tour groups will love this interactive forest fun. Nature, animals, plants and much more are all discussed as we take a stroll through the magical towers. Classes will put on a show and re-enact the dramatic story of the Follies and walk the steps of the tenant farmers. Take your explorers to observe, and investigate a natural Mature Woodland environment.

Characters of The Castle

Let your guide take your class through the stunning Lismore Castle Gardens as we walk in the footsteps of the weird, wacky and wonderful characters who have lived and worked in Lismore Castle over its nine centuries. Find Hollywood stars and mad scientists, join the Monks on their morning walk and shout "off with his head" at the Tower of London. From John F. Kennedy to Walter Raleigh, we explore the gruesome, gory and thrilling tales hidden in the Garden greenery through acting, games and lots of fun.

Professor Puppet's Workshop
Duration: 30 minutes. Pupils let their imaginations run riot with this half hour art and craft workshop. Add a glove puppet, some art materials and crafty kids and you get a fabulous keepsake of their school tour. Each child receives their own puppet and they would be delighted to put on a show back in the classroom!

Junior Einsteins
Duration: 30 minutes. Introducing Robert Boyle, a special scientist born right here in Lismore. We take your class into our Robert Boyle Room and do some special experiments and demonstrations of Science that leave your class wanting more! Explosive results guaranteed!

Puzzle in the Park
Duration: 45 minutes. Team-work and group discussion are key as Students take a Maths journey around Lismore's beautiful Millennium Park. Helping Sonny, the Park keeper figure out his conundrums has never been so much fun! The maths is tailored to your class level and representing and interpreting data strands are incorporated to this Mathemagic activity!

Find the controls placed around the beautiful Towers woodland. Students receive a map and a compass to encourage map skills as well as point to point Orienteering skills. Direction and scale are introduced to help groups fill in the missing letters to complete the challenge. This activity is physical and mental and is sure to be a hit.

History Hunters
Duration: 1 hour. In teams, students answer questions, solve riddles and search high and low to discover the secret tunnels, tombs soldiers, saints and scholars that make up the fascinating history of St. Carthage's Cathedral. Group work is encouraged and because the Cathedral has a history that dates back to 636 ad. we can explore many of the history topics in the curriculum. Celts, Vikings, Normans, The Middle ages, The Famine, and early monastic settlements are just some of the History Hunters discoveries!

The Lismore Presentation
Lismore Heritage Centre. Older classes will enjoy visiting our newly renovated and redesigned centre to learn about Lismore's long history through film and interactive exhibits.

Picnic in the Millennium Park with your packed lunches before a visit to the playground- a highlight of any visit to Lismore!

If you would prefer lunch in one of the town's hotels or restaurants please let us know; we will help you make arrangements.

Activity Curriculum Links

  • Woodland Wanderers: Science, Environment, Natural History, Irish History, The Great Famine, Native flora and fauna, Physical Education.
  • History Hunters: History, Irish History, Vikings, Life Stories.
  • Orienteering: Point to Point Orienteering, Physical Education, Adventure Trail
  • Professor Puppet’s Workshop: Art, Craft, Materials.
  • Puzzle in the Park: Maths, Science, Measuring, Recording Data, Data Collection
  • Junior Einsteins: Science, Properties of Materials, Forces and Energy

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