Comeraghs Wild Festival 2016

We are delighted at the return of a festival which will highlight all that's wonderful about the Comeraghs. Titled "Comeraghs Wild", the festival highlights the natural beauty, diversity and uniqueness of the area.


The 2016 festival has a set of events which caters for all tasted and ages. From those who prefer the sedate and gentle to those who prefer to muck it. So what areCoumshingaun Stream the ingredients? Music song and dance, because these are traditions for which the Comeraghs are renowned far beyond these shores. Story-telling and theatre because these mountain communities have a wonderful warm respect for the story-telling craft and theatre because the "Play on the Mountain" has becone a core component of this festival.

The Comeraghs Wild Festival is taking place from the 15th-18th of September. For more information on all the events for the festival please go to Comeraghs Wild Festival  or call us here on 058-54975. 

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