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The town of Lismore is rich in history from Vikings to Normans, from Presidents of the United States to the world famous actors and not to forget about the man himself St Carthage who made his way down from Rahan in Co Offaly and founded Lismore in 636 AD.

Join us as we bring you on a stroll through the streets of this historic town all the while recounting its fantastic stories and tales.   As we progress through the Main Street we deliver a brief history on the travel writer Dervla Murphy who was born in Lismore.

From there we make our way into the grounds of Lismore Cathedral where we share with you the origins of our town and the struggles it faced throughout the centuries.   Here you can visit the McGrath family tomb which is one of the finest examples of sixteenth century stone carving in Ireland. 

On our last stop we visit the avenue of Lismore Castle.  Here we will reveal the history of the character that once and currently makes it their home.  Be it Presidents, Scientists, or Lords and Ladies, all sorts have wandered the castles halls and gardens.  

Workhouse Tour

Another tour we provide brings you out to the old workhouse.  Where you can revel in the stories of Lismore’s experience with Irelands painful past and the suffering its people endured during the Irish famine.  The workhouse is currently owned and lived in but much of the old architecture still remains such as the walls of the old courtyard, the mess hall and the living quarters. 

The last stop on this tour brings us to the famine graveyard. Here the local victims of the famine were laid to rest. And the stone memorial erected in their honour so that we may never forget. 

Booking is essential for these two tours and up to six people.  Walk-ins accepted during weekdays. But booking in advance is required for the weekend tours. 


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Feels Great To Be Back

Hi there everyone!

Firstly from all the staff here at Lismore Heritage Centre, we hope you are all staying safe and healthy during this pandemic. And secondly, I would like to say thank you to all those who came in and paid us a visit since we have reopened. We have had a rather successful two weeks since opening our doors once again. I know I don’t only speak for myself when I say it feels great to have a solid routine once again, to be able to travel around again, to be back to some form of normality. While we haven’t fully escaped the storm just yet we are definitely on the right track!

Even though lockdown prevented us from operating as we normally would, that didn’t stop us working on some new and exciting projects to bring to you in the future. Alice has been working very hard to bring you a new guide book! It will be available for sale here in the gift shop. This little book will bring you on a self guided tour around our beautiful little town. Along the way giving you the history and tales surrounding Lismore’s many wondrous locations such as St. Carthage’s Cathedral, Lismore Castle and the old Workhouse. A fine edition to anyone’s stay here! But if you would prefer, we also have our town tours where a guide personally brings you through the town, all the while giving you an oral account of our rich history.

In other news, the Strand walk has gotten a serious upgrade. The new boardwalk has been finished and it looks fab!  And with a couple picnic benches installed too. A lovely place to just sit back and chill while enjoying the calming sounds of the river, maybe with a cuppa coffee or tea or whatever tickles your fancy. As they do every year (well nearly every year) up the Strand a bit they have the river dug out and damned. It makes for a fantastic swim to cool down on some warm summer days. Fingers crossed we get a few more of those before the year is out!

Our resident science enthusiast, Roseanne, is hosting a woodland adventure STEM Workshop out in the Ballysaggartmore Towers on July 24th for kids in 1st-6th class. Different science experiments and activities based on the primary school curriculum all in the great outdoors! You can take in the majesty of The Towers and have fun doing some awesome science experiments all at the same time. Spaces are limited and only a few are left so be sure to book your places on Eventbrite or by calling us here at the Heritage Centre! Subject to COVID-19 Phasing. 

Hopefully in the coming weeks we will see more new faces and some familiar faces as well popping in to say hello. Any questions or queries ye may have we will do our best to answer them and help you out! Give us a call on 058-54975 to book any of our activities we have going on. Be it a Town Tour, Lismore Castle Experience or in regards to any camps being held. And be sure to follow us on FacebookInstagram  and Twitter  and stay tuned on our website for more updates like this.

Until then, take care and stay safe,

The Staff at Lismore Heritage Centre

The Trails of Lismore

Our little town of Lismore is a beautiful gem in Southern Ireland. From Lismore Castle, to St. Carthage’s Cathedral to us here at Lismore Heritage Centre there is something for everyone here in Lismore. If you are not sure of what’s around come into us at the Heritage Centre and we’ll provide you with information on what to do around our lovely little town and then you can take it from there! I would recommend taking a stroll around a few of the walks we have in the local area seen down below.

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