The Trails of Lismore

Our little town of Lismore is a beautiful gem in Southern Ireland. From Lismore Castle, to St. Carthage’s Cathedral to us here at Lismore Heritage Centre there is something for everyone here in Lismore. If you are not sure of what’s around come into us at the Heritage Centre and we’ll provide you with information on what to do around our lovely little town and then you can take it from there! I would recommend taking a stroll around a few of the walks we have in the local area seen down below.

Lady Louisa’s Walk

This gorgeous river walk will take about thirty-five to forty minutes to walk. The entrance can be found down by the bridge leading out of town.  You will be taken on a stroll down by the river Blackwater with a thicket of trees and shrubbery up the bank on one side and a stunning view of the river and fields beyond to the other. All the while surrounded by the sounds of birds and the breeze passing through the leaves.

Halfway along this path you can either continue up a hill which will bring you back into Lismore town, or you can adventure onwards and follow the river once more. This part of the trail is much more open, and, on your travels, you could even come across some people fishing along the bank! If you were to keep going down this way you would eventually come across a very important site to Lismore. Out here is The Round Hill. This is the original Motte and Bailey from which our town started all those years ago back in the year 636AD. A very important place indeed.

Lady Lousias


The Owneshad Walk 

Another short walk but just as lovely as the rest! This will take you along the banks of The Strand, a tributary to the Blackwater. Again, this will take you fifteen minutes to go around. You will find a little cutaway in the wall on your way to the Mace garage and from there follow the path down along. Trees hug the path on both sides, and you can hear the peaceful sounds of flowing water from the stream. This is a great walk for a quick little getaway to nature.

The Strand

The Ballysaggartmore Towers

The Towers as it’s more affectionately known to the locals is a fantastic thirty-minute looped nature walk just outside Lismore. It’s a gorgeous walk for any time of the year and also a great picnic spot. A great place to bring your family for a Sunday afternoon out and even bring your dog along! Along with the beautiful scenery it has some interesting history behind it.

Back one hundred and fifty years ago a man named Arthur Kiely Usher started building a castle for his wife Elizabeth. She wanted a castle to rival her sister-in-laws at Strancally. So, Arthur got to work. He built an impressive Gate lodge, a large bridge known as the Follie over a small stream and connecting the two was a long driveway lined on one side with Poplar Trees. After all that work, he ran out of money and the castle was never finished. The ruins left at The Towers are what is left of the bridge and Gate Lodge which make for a lovely little walk!

The Follie 2

Any of these trails make for a fantastic experience with nature while remaining close to Lismore. Whether you like a shorter walk or a longer one, there is a fine selection to keep you going! And we do hope you pop in to see us at the Heritage Centre. We would be happy to accommodate you and help in any way we can!


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