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 Pick and choose your activities

 Pick and choose from all the options listed here to create the school tour that best suits your class. We will be   more   than happy to help you plan your day; simply give us a call.


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Horrible History (New for 2018)

Let’s take a look at History like you have never seen it before! From The Middle Ages Witchdoctor’s Wacky Cures to the fearsome Famine, we delve into the gruesome, gory and glorious corners of History you won’t read about in a textbook. This outdoor workshop takes place at the Ballysaggartmore Towers, a perfect setting to spark imaginations and send us back in time.

Suitable for 1st Class upwards.


The Woodland Wanderers
Take your class of explorers on an adventure with interactive Forest Fun!

Nature, animals, plants, biodiversity and much more will be discussed as we take a stroll through the magical Towers Woods. Classes will put on a show and re-enact the dramatic story of the Follies at the Gate Lodge and walk in the footsteps of the Tenant Farmers. Stop in the shadow of the Bridge for some Bug Bingo as students use nets, pooters and beating trays to discover some of the forest’s most creepy crawly inhabitants. All hands-on and fun from start to finish, the Woodland Wanderers is a must-do on your School Tour.

Suitable for all classes.


Professor Puppet's Workshop

Under the watchful eye of Professor Puppet, each child gets their very own glove puppet to design, decorate and make with some crafty materials and a splash of imagination. Let their creative juices flow and take home your finished puppets to have a fabulous keepsake of their day.

Suitable for all classes


Scribble Squad (New for 2018)

Scribble Squad gather as we introduce our Giant Doodle activity for 2018. We take a humongous sheet of paper, add some neon and glow paint and some crafty kids and you get an activity the whole class will love. Each child can draw, doodle and design to create a class masterpiece. Older classes can draw a scene together while younger students can do freestyle fun! We add a splash of magic at the end and your Scribble Squad’s creation can be taken back to school to display in pride of place for years to come.

Suitable for all classes. 

Our Norman Siege


 Dig-it (New for 2018)

 Awesome Archaeology is the theme of this amazing S.T.E.M. workshop tailored for your group. Learn about piecing the past together with   sand, brushes and trowels just like the real thing. Your class will work together to dig, clean and assemble a piece of the past from their very   own sand box in our designated digging area. So hands-on, fun and interactive, this workshop will incorporate dinosaurs, fossils or artefacts   and you will see how much your class will Dig-It!

Suitable for all classes.




Puzzle in the Park

Teams work together to solve riddles, piece together puzzles and become quizzical in this logic and number fun based activity. This takes   place in the beautiful surrounds of the Millennium Park. Students will turn themselves inside out and upside down to solving the pesky   problems. We tailor the difficulty to your class level so everyone can enjoy the Puzzle in the Park.

Suitable for all classes. 

 Find the controls placed around the beautiful Towers woodland. Students receive a map and a compass to encourage map skills as well as   point to point Orienteering skills. Direction and scale are introduced to help groups fill in the missing letters to complete the challenge. This   activity is physical and mental and is sure to be a hit.

 Junior Einsteins

 Introducing Robert Boyle, a special scientist born right here in Lismore. We take your class into our Robert Boyle Room and do some special experiments and demonstrations of Science that leave your class wanting more! Explosive results guaranteed!


Picnic in the Millennium Park with your packed lunches before a visit to the playground- a highlight of any visit to Lismore! If you would prefer lunch in one of the town's hotels or restaurants please let us know; we will help you make arrangements.


Ample free parking for buses available. Lismore is located in West, Co. Waterford between Fermoy in Co. Cork & Dungarvan in Co. Waterford. We are just 1 hour from Cork & Waterford and 2.5 hours from Dublin. 

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