Keeping up with the Heritage Centre

The staff of the Lismore Heritage centre welcomed July with a sense of eagerness and excitement. On Tuesday Alice and Mealla headed to @failteireland ‘s workshop on Castles and Conquests in Kilkenny. They joined forces with other tourism businesses from Kilkenny, Laois and all over the East. Together they explored how to best represent the rich heritage of Ireland’s castles. Themes included leading ladies, great heroes, bloody betrayals and powerful alliances.





The same day Ballysaggartmoore Towers welcomed a troop of horrible historians. They caused carnage with their teepee tents, cave painting and impersonating their favourite gruesome heroes. Friends were made, laughter was shared and imaginations went wild, delving into the horrific past of the Middle Ages all the way to Tom Crean.

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On Wednesday we welcomed students from Dunhill’s Multi Education centre, completing their Recreational Tourism & Trail Development Programme. Alice guided them through the blissful Ballysaggartmore towers, Lady Louisa’s walk and the Castle Gardens. After developing their skills in trail planning, they enjoyed warm cups of tea and rich coffee as well as buttered scones in our café.

Mealla and Alice headed off to the King of the Vikings Virtual Reality Adventure in Waterford. Murals, ghosts and holograms provided an otherworldly experience to tell the history of our Norwegian ancestors. They came back bursting with inspiration for future technological advancements in our own centre.

On Thursday, Rosanne held the Amazing Animal Camp. Campers ooed and awed as the morning boomed with experiments. Together they uncovered how penguins stay warm, what it’s like to have the eyes of a lion and how sea birds stay dry. Creativity soared as they painted each other’s faces and become the new wild inhabitants of the Millennium Park.

Meanwhile, Mealla and Alice went to Clock Gate Tower in Youghal to hand out brochures and explore it’s grim history through a guided tour full of storytelling and interaction.

Today our staff looks forward to a trip down the famous Blackwater River with Blackwater Eco Tours who offer both educational, historical and wildlife boat trips. We’ll take in scenic views, wonder at the wildlife and reinforce our knowledge of the river’s dense history.

The week also brought about the impressive publication of Ireland’s Ancient East by Carsten Krieger, a professional photographer. It features state of the art photographs of the castle and Ballysaggartmore Towers. This unique collection is now available for 14.99 in our gift shop.


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