New Robert Boyle Escape Room

Robert Boyle ESCAPE ROOM

Lismore Heritage Centre

Same Theme NEW Game.

What is an ESCAPE ROOM?

 It’s a game in which a team of players cooperatively discover clues, solve puzzles and accomplish tasks in a room in order to Escape in 1 hour.

Robert Boyle Escape room: Robert Boyle has been busy trying to solve many of the C17th science’s most puzzling questions. Boyle’s nemesis, the fraud, Vincenzo Falcone believes that Boyle has discovered a mysterious ingredient which can turn base metals into gold and give humans the gift of immortality. Falcone knows that Boyle is away on important business in the city today and Falcone will be here in 60 minutes to search Boyle’s study for his secret Alchemy Box. Can you find it and Escape before Falcone gets here???

With last year being so successful we have changed the game this year. Same theme, New game.

In a world where people are less and less connected, Escape Rooms allow us to engage and reconnect. If you are looking for something New and Fun to do this year, book the  Robert Boyle ESCAPE ROOM today. Bookings can be made Online through or Facebook page “ Robert Boyle Escape Room”, or call Lismore Heritage Centre on (058) 54975.

Have you heard about the Lismore Castle Experience here in Lismore Heritage Centre?

Using cutting edge Virtual Reality,you will fly high above the Blackwater before being whisked down the halls of the absolutely beautiful Lismore Castle without ever leaving your seat!

Meet an American President, Hollywood stars and a very famous scientist on your way.

Open Daily, for more info call us on 058-54975

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