Keeping up with the Heritage Centre

With July in full bloom and the sun sparkling, we are thrilled to launch our new Adventure Pack. It’s an incredible opportunity for families to spend quality time together, get some fresh air and expand your education. Our package includes a twenty page booklet, STEM trail, a packet of pencils, orienteering maps and a certificate upon completion. Don’t worry, it’s not all brain work, the trail has plenty of jokes and anecdotes to keep those frowns upside down.

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Keeping up with the Heritage Centre

The staff of the Lismore Heritage centre welcomed July with a sense of eagerness and excitement. On Tuesday Alice and Mealla headed to @failteireland ‘s workshop on Castles and Conquests in Kilkenny. They joined forces with other tourism businesses from Kilkenny, Laois and all over the East. Together they explored how to best represent the rich heritage of Ireland’s castles. Themes included leading ladies, great heroes, bloody betrayals and powerful alliances.



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New for 2017

Lismore Castle Gardens have joined our new School Tour package for 2017.

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Lismore Heritage Centre Ireland’s Ancient East Adventure Pack

Adventure Pack Can you find Lions in the Millennium Park? Who is buried in the tomb in Lismore Cathedral? Just how many windows does a Castle need? How many times did Lismore get pillaged and plundered by the Vikings?

 Answer these questions and more with your little explorers as you take in Lismore the way you have never seen it before with “Lismore’s Ancient East Adventure Pack”

 As children engage with the booklet answering questions, you are taken on a trail of Lismore’s most interesting features. Keeping families happy as they explore Lismore to find the answers high up and low down. Bring back the filled in pack to Lismore Heritage Centre to get your Adventurer’s Prize.

Suitable for all ages the Adventure Pack is a super way to spend a day for families in historic Lismore.


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