Robert Boyle Escape Room

Have you tried Lismore’s newest attraction for 2019?

The Robert Boyle escape room is a fun filled and exciting escape room game based in the study of the famous chemist! Born in Lismore castle in 1627 Boyle is famous for his invention of the vacuum pump and for Boyle’s law.


The game is set in Boyles study from the 1600’s and features images and documents of his groundbreaking additions to science and his predictions for the future of scientific discovery. Don your cape and wig and immerse yourself in Boyles study as you search for hidden clues, keys and codes to ultimately unlock the key to his secret alchemy box! Teams have 60 minutes or less to work together and save Boyles alchemy box from his enemy Vincenzo Falcone.


Suitable for teams of 2-6 people and perfect for some team bonding or family fun!


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