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Lismore Heritage Centre

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Situated within the old Courthouse Building in the heart of Lismore town, Lismore Heritage Centre was opened in 1992 to share insights into Lismore’s formidable history and heritage. Boasting a picturesque location at the foot of the Knockmealdown Mountains, Lismore is famous for the magnificent Lismore Castle (dating back to 1185) that was once the home of Lord Charles Arthur Francis Cavendish and his wife, the famous Broadway performer, Adele Astaire.

Boasting a breath-taking location overlooking the River Blackwater, the castle has welcomed many illustrious guests including Lucian Freud, Fred Astaire and John F. Kennedy. The castle was also home to Sir Walter Raleigh and Robert Boyle who is responsible for Boyle’s Law and known as “The Father of Modern Chemistry.”

Through a suite of experiences that include guided walking tours, and all new Virtual Reality, Lismore Castle Experience, Lismore Heritage Centre brings to life this town’s colorful history right back from a turbulent period of Viking invasions, through to more contemporary aristocratic and celebrity associations, to the reality of daily life in Lismore today.

The Lismore Castle Experience  

Castle Experience VR

Glimpse inside the 12th century Lismore Castle and the lives of the famous people who lived there through Virtual Reality. Experience the daunting views as you fly over Lismore Castle and the dramatic Blackwater River, see the rooms that Fred Astaire and his sister Adel danced around within Lismore Castle.

Robert Boyle, Father of Modern Chemistry will lead you on a tour of Lismore Castle and introduce you to the people who lived there in the past. Discover President John F Kennedy’s connection with Lismore.

Hear about the artifacts hidden behind the walls for over 200 years; see the magnificent replica Crozier, on loan from the National Museum of Dublin. Discover the Book of Lismore: 15th century medieval Irish vellum manuscript. 

From there take the opportunity to become Adel or Fred Astaire, Robert Boyle or the beautiful Charlotte Boyle in our Dress up room; and take the perfect selfie. How good are you listening skills? Test yourself with our quiz......


The Lismore Experience


The Lismore Experience is an audio-visual media to chart the history of Lismore accompanied by 'Brother Declan.' The award winning audio visual display is narrated by Niall Toibin (in English, French, German and Italian) who in the guise of a monk takes you on an entertaining journey through Monastic, Viking, Norman, and Medieval Lismore to the present day. 






The Robert Boyle Escape Room 

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The Robert Boyle escape room is a fun filled and exciting escape room game! Born in Lismore castle in 1627 Boyle is famous for his invention of the vacuum pump and for Boyle’s law

The game is set in Boyles study and features images and documents of his groundbreaking additions to science and his predictions for the future of scientific discovery. Don your cape and wig and immerse yourself in Boyles study as you search for hidden clues, keys and codes to ultimately unlock the key to his secret alchemy box! Teams have 60 minutes or less to work together and save Boyles alchemy box from his enemy Vincenzo Falcone.





Town Tour

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Through an expert local Lismore Heritage Guide, visitors are brought right into the heart of the history, culture and heritage of this jewel of town in County Waterford. The walk begins at Lismore Heritage Centre and ends by St Carthage’s Cathedral.

Hear about Lismore's time as the greatest Monastic School of the 8th Century, the Viking invasions in Lismore and Lismore's 12th century Roundhill Norman Settlement. Learn about the historic Lismore Castle and the famous people who have lived  and visited there including Fred Astaire and John F.Kennedy. Visit St. Carthage's Cathedral with it's medival tombs, stone carvings and fine stained-glass windows.





Family Fun Pack

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Lismore is just the spot for a family day out. Adults taking a town tour or enjoying the Lismore Experience audio-visual show can be accompanied by children at no extra cost.  Also available is our Family Fun Pack which includes a history and nature trail that encompasses all of Lismore to keep curious little minds entertained. Available at reception for €5.00 Walks of Lismore.






Lady Louisa’s Walk

the river blackwater near lismore


Lady Louisa was the daughter of the 7th Duke of Devonshire, ancestor of the current owner of Lismore Castle, the 12th Duke of Devonshire. The Spout is a natural spring well that provided water for the estate workers in the castle until the early part of the nineteenth century. Lady Louisa’s walk is primarily a woodland walk along the riverbank. One can expect to find woodland plants such as beech, ash, ferns, spindle tree, holly and ivy as well as wood sorrel, golden saxifrage and wild garlic to name but a few.





The Towers Walk

257 Lismore


Ballysaggartmore Towers are imposing gothic style gate lodges built in 1850 by Arthur Kiely Usher for his wife. A diverse range of tree species to be noted including ash, oak, sycamore, horse chestnut, spruce, and fir as well as shrubs of holly, hazel and bramble. The main avenue is planted with a row of tall shaking poplars and rhododendron, interspersed by pheasant berry, snowberry, holly and much more.





Riverside Walk



A typical riverside environment, home to herons, swans, mallards, water hens, snipe, tern, kingfisher and many more water birds. The River Blackwater is renowned for its salmon fishing and fishing stands and stiles may be noted along the riverbank. A stand of mature pine trees on top of a mound will indicate that you are approaching the famous Round Hill, a great mound or earthwork covering two of three acres in extent.




Lismore Retail Experience

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Take a stroll through Lismore Heritage Centre’s Retail Experience. No matter if you are looking for something for your home, wardrobe, local crafts, a good book to pass the time or the perfect gift for the kids at home we have it all available here; including memorabilia of your visit to Lismore.

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Lismore Heritage Centre
Lismore, Co. Waterford, Ireland.

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