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Heritage Centre
Lismore Heritage Centre was opened in its current form in 1992. For almost 25yrs it has been offering visitors and locals a unique insight into Lismore’s rich history and all the attractions it has to offer. In 2014 extensive refurbishment was completed. This gave the centre a modern twist while still maintaining the charm and history of the old court house.

Boyle Room
The Boyle Room Exhibition is devoted to Robert Boyle, “The Father of Modern Chemistry” who was born in Lismore Castle and is responsible for the scientific principle called ‘Boyles Law’. Stepping foot into this exhibition will bring you back in time to the beginning of modern science where alchemy and witch craft were the main pursuit of scientists. The exhibition offers an audio visual animation of Robert Boyle’s life and is greatly enjoyed by both adults and children alike.

The Lismore Experience
The Lismore Experience is an audio-visual media to chart the history of Lismore accompanied by 'Brother Declan.' The award winning audio visual display is narrated by Niall Toibin (in English, French, German and Italian) who in the guise of a monk takes you on an entertaining journey through Monastic, Viking, Norman, and Medieval Lismore to the present day. 

The Museum
Stroll through the recently refurbished exhibition galleries and come face to face with the historic figures that shaped Lismore Town through the ages. Featured in the museum area is an old archway uncovered during recent renovations giving us an insight into the Court House’s history. A beautiful model of The Lios that gave Lismore its name is on display along with a replica of The Book of Lismore.

Town Tour
The Heritage Centre also offers walking tours of the town, a great way to get acquainted with the formidable history of this picturesque heritage town. Hear of Viking raids, treasure hidden in castle walls and the saints who studied at the University of Lismore. See where Fred Astaire supped Guinness on his holidays and what Thackeray described as "some of the most beautiful rich country ever seen".   

Family Fun Pack
Lismore is just the spot for a family day out. Adults taking a town tour or enjoying the Lismore Experience audio-visual show can be accompanied by children at no extra cost.  Also available is our Family Fun Pack which includes a history and nature trail that encompasses all of Lismore to keep curious little minds entertained. Available at reception for €5.00 Walks of Lismore

Lady Louisa’s Walk
Lady Louisa was the daughter of the 7th Duke of Devonshire, ancestor of the current owner of Lismore Castle, the 12th Duke of Devonshire. The Spout is a natural spring well that provided water for the estate workers in the castle until the early part of the nineteenth century. Lady Louisa’s walk is primarily a woodland walk along the riverbank. One can expect to find woodland plants such as beech, ash, ferns, spindle tree, holly and ivy as well as wood sorrel, golden saxifrage and wild garlic to name but a few.

The Towers Walk
Ballysaggartmore Towers are imposing gothic style gate lodges built in 1850 by Arthur Kiely Usher for his wife. A diverse range of tree species to be noted including ash, oak, sycamore, horse chestnut, spruce, and fir as well as shrubs of holly, hazel and bramble. The main avenue is planted with a row of tall shaking poplars and rhododendron, interspersed by pheasant berry, snowberry, holly and much more.

Riverside Walk
A typical riverside environment, home to herons, swans, mallards, water hens, snipe, tern, kingfisher and many more water birds. The River Blackwater is renowned for its salmon fishing and fishing stands and stiles may be noted along the riverbank. A stand of mature pine trees on top of a mound will indicate that you are approaching the famous Round Hill, a great mound or earthwork covering two of three acres in extent.

Lismore Retail Experience
Take a stroll through Lismore Heritage Centre’s Retail Experience; Where we have a wide range of brands available including Stephen Pearce Pottery and Avoca to name but a few. No matter if you are looking for something for your home, wardrobe, local crafts, a good book to pass the time or the perfect gift for the kids at home we have it all available here; including memorabilia of your visit to Lismore.

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Lismore Heritage Centre
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