Lismore School Folklore Project

We have celebrated the Blacwater Community School Folklore Project on Monday the 23rd January.

The project was carried out by the first years and the trnasition year class, to collect local stories and folklore about site and monuments in the area. This was a great initiative by Alice and our team here at the Lismore Heritage Centre. The cretificates were handed out by Ian Doyle, Head of Conservation, Heritage Coubcil of Ireland.


Speaking at the event was our Project manager, Mealla Fahey saying that "the Afopt a Monument Scheme has brought new life to the round hill monument and created a renewed awarness of the historic value of this area over the past 12 months, the Folklore Project was of a very high standard and brought to our attention other forgotton monuments in the are."

This Folklore project invloved the students gathering stories from older relatives and neighbours on their memories of the are or phisógs heard in the past, stories handed down from generation to generation, recodring these and presenting them to the public. They covered the West Waterford Area, from The Red Bridge in Cappoquin to Glencullen Furnace with a number of students covering the Round Hill itself. The projects will be on display int the Heritage Centre until Friday 27th January.

Ian Doyle, Heritage Council of Ireland was very impressed with the standard of work presented by the students "having read the projects on display here today I am delighted that the Heritage Council can assit in the recording and archiving of this work for future generations to access"

The Adopt a Monument group would like to thank the students and teachers invloved for their hard work and supposrt with this project and we look forward to working with them in the future.

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