Mochuda Camp 2015

Mochuda Camp 2015 is over for yet another year, thank you to all who attended. We had both rain and sun shine for our four days of camp but the rain did not put a dampener on our day!!!
Tuesday was the day for creating our own super hero city, with the fun of bean bag attack & kryptonite disposer race. Luckily the sun was shining and we completed our first day at the beautiful Millennium Park with an obstacle course.


For our Explorer themed day we created our own big toothed alligator; and slippery fish for our magnet fishing game. We didn’t have as much luck with the weather so we had our snorkelling race indoors.
On Thursday we learned all about electricity and how it likes to follow a path; which we saw being demonstrated with the use of a plasma ball. We created our own rockets which we launched at the park. We saw plenty of dance moves for our musical astronaut’s game and completed the day with the creation of our very own robots.

For our last and final day we made our very own fairy doors/zombie doors thanks to Leigh & Jake. There were a lot of glittertastic people departing Lismore Heritage Centre!!!! At the request of the campers we replayed some of the exciting games from the previous days..... Who are we, to not give into requests; as a result we had a lot of running, racing and dancing for the last hour of camp.

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