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Primary School Mobile Science

  • Our Primary School Mobile Science Workshops are always a winning way to get STEM in your school. With a wide range of topics, a flexible schedule and most importantly great content, we visit your school and bring some magic to Science, without the cost and hassle of a bus. 
  • Each workshop takes place in your classroom, lasts an hour and costs just €4 per student.
  • We do not charge mileage and we do not charge for children absent on the day.
  • We do have a minimum payment policy of €180 per school.
  • Each workshop is fully interactive and hands-on. We provide all equipment. All facilitators are Garda Vetted.
  • Below are our available workshops, we work with you to choose a date and we fit around your timetable.
  • Each class may choose a different workshop if they wish.
  • For a no obligation consult, please call us on 058-54975 or e-mail

Junior Science – Suitable for Junior/Senior/1st/2nd
A hands-on workshop which brings Science to life for young children. Each experiment has maximum impact and we fit in loads of bubbles, fizz and whizz so they won’t even realise they are learning!

Amazing Engineering – Suitable for 2nd Class Up
Take your class on a journey through designing and making as we set simple engineering challenges with hundreds of possibilities! Ponder, predict, produce and perfect designs in this one hour workshop. Perfect for both Engineers Week and all year round, see the other side of STEM with fun, hands on group activities.

Astronaut University – Suitable for 1st Class Up
Let Lismore’s Mobile Scientists take your class of Astronauts on a journey through Space. Explore the Sunny Solar System, Sparkling Stars, Plenty of Planets and the all important Rocket Power. The importance of Space Exploration to us Earthlings, day and night and forces will all be introduced in this 1 hour workshop. With hands-on experiments, lots of interaction and a blast off finale, this workshop is sure to be Out of This World!

Guts of Digestion – Suitable for 2nd Class Up
From the moment it touches the lips to the gory finale, pupils will love following real food on a journey through the digestive system. Children will learn how their body absorbs nutrients. They will also learn how we grow, run and jump and the role our digestive systems have in keeping us active! Hands on from start to finish, pupils will be delighted and disgusted all at once!

Chemistry Kids – Suitable for 2nd Class Up
Participation is paramount as pupils learn about Acids, Bases and the pH scales in an interactive workshop. Materials and how they change, heat and cooling and chemical uses in everyday life are all explored. They use stinky red cabbage juice and litmus paper as an indicator to determine the pH of everyday things. See your little chemists surprise as we add some bubble and fizz to the end of the workshop!

Shocking Science – Suitable for 1st Class Up
Have some hair-raising fun with Electricity before building circuits and getting hands-on with electrons! . Students will be shockingly entertained!  

Crime Scene Investigation – Suitable for 3rd Class Up
Suspect everyone is his one hour forensic science workshop. Team work and note taking are key to the students cracking the case. Your class will deduce, decide and discover the secrets and tricks of real life C.S.I. agents. The workshop explores an application of science in everyday life and students will have to work as a team to piece the clues together. Using real life scientific techniques and materials like paper chromatography and D.N.A. extraction students get hands-on and become a detective for a day!

Antarctic Adventures – Suitable for 2nd Class Up
Take your class of explorers on an Antarctic Adventure. We follow the footsteps of great Irish explorer Tom Crean in this one house interactive combined Science and Geography workshops. We explore how life exists in extreme circumstances, see how the first explorers survived and see why Antarctica is actually a desert! Practical applications of the topics of weather, heat, animal adaption and historic exploration are all covered. Your class is sure to have a Brrrilliant time!

Activity Curriculum Links

Astronaut University: Design and making, energy and forces, living things, working scientifically, maps, globes and graphical skills, a sense of place and space, human environments and natural environments.

Shocking Science: Working scientifically, designing and making, energy and forces, materials and safety procedure .

Chemistry Kids: Working scientifically (especially sorting, classifying, recognising patterns and interpreting) materials and safety procedures.

C.S.I. Classroom: Working scientifically (observing and predicting), group discussion and decision, literacy, real life application of science and realisation of careers in different fields.

Guts of Digestion: Living things and working scientifically.

Antarctic Adventure: Maps, globes and graphical skills, human environments, natural environments, Energy and Forces, heat and temperature, weather, stories from people of the past, age of exploration

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Lismore Heritage Centre, Co. Waterford is a Discover Primary Science and Maths Centre with over 25 years of experience in STEM Education.