Dungarvan Irish Historic Atlas No. 30


The vibrant market town of Dungarvan, Co. Waterford, with its striking topography, is the subject of the latest addition to the Irish Historic Towns Atlas series. Founded at the beginning of the thirteenth century, Dungarvan began as an Anglo-Norman settlement and that legacy is still evident in its townscape today, where the street pattern, castle and abbey are reminders of its medieval heritage. Developments by the duke of Devonshire in the early nineteenth-century led to the construction of the town’s iconic square. The story of the shaping of the present-day town is told through the atlas, where historic maps and views are presented on large-format loose sheets and are accompanied by a detailed text. This eagerly awaited publication represents several years of research, editing and cartography and will see Dungarvan join over 530 towns and cities internationally that have been produced as part of the wider European Historic Towns Atlas scheme.

It was in a spirit of co-operation after the second world war that in 1955 the International Commission of the History of Towns recommended the publication of a series of European national historic towns atlases ti encourage a better understanding of common European roots and to facilitate comparative urban studies. Since then fascicles for c. 520 towns and cities in nineteen European countries have been published, more or less on the lines recommended by the Commission. This volume is part of Ireland’s contribution to the scheme.

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