Where the Indus is Young – Dervla Murphy


In Where the Indus is Young, Dervla Murphy’s indomitable will is matched by that of four-footed Hallam and her six-year-old daughter Rachel. Together they make a mockery of fear, trekking through the awe-inspiring Karakorum mountains not only in the heart of winter, but close to Pakistan’s disputed border with Kashmir. They work their way up beside the perilous gorge carved through the mountains by the Indus, lodging with locals and eating, sleeping and bargaining with the Balts, who farm one of the remotest regions on earth.

Despite the hardship, Dervla never forgets the point of travel, re- taining enthusiasm for her magnificent surroundings and using her sense of humour to bring out the best in her hosts, who are often locked into the melancholic mood of mid-winter.

‘…the most appallingly fascinating travel book that I have ever read.’ – Jan Morris, The Times

‘… the lasting impression left by this book is one of sheer joy.’ – Colin Thubron, Sunday Telegraph

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