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Lismore's Mobile Scientists come to your school from the birthplace of Robert Boyle and have almost 20 years of experience in the education sector. Our mobile Science workshops are tailored for junior, transition year and senior cycles. We broadly cover a topic, introducing many ideas and we let your student's inquisition do the rest. Broadly based on the curriculum we blend all the strands of Science where possible to give students an experience of applying Science to real life in a positive, fun environment. Content is expanded or relaxed depending on the cycle and ability we are dealing with.

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Some testimonials from Teachers:

  • "The Guts of Digestion and C.S.I. were very enjoyable for students"
  • "Exceptionally educational and beneficial" 
  • "Very interactive, students thoroughly enjoyed it" 

Space (Junior and T.Y)
Explore the new strand of the Junior Certificate Science curriculum "Earth and Space" with Lismore's Mobile Scientists. Especially tailored for Junior Cycle pupils, this workshop will consist of hands-on, interactive activities which explore Space and how it affects our life here on Earth. The Solar System, motion of planets and moons, Stars, Rockets, Human Space Exploration, day and night and seasons are all introduced to your class and a blast off finale is sure to spark an interest in all things cosmic.

C.S.I. (Junior, T.Y. and Senior)
Suspect everyone in this forensic science workshop. Students will deduce, decide and discover the secrets and tricks of real life C.S.I. agents. This workshop concentrates on the practical applications of science and students will piece together the clues they have found to solve the mystery. Using scientific techniques like paper chromatography and D.N.A. extraction, students get hands on and become a detective for the day!

The Guts of Digestion (Junior and T.Y.)
Let us delight and disgust your class all at once as we follow the journey of real food through your digestive system. This workshop explores the functions of the internal organs, nutrient absorption and of course what happens when we are finished with the food! This is a very hands-on, interactive workshop that is sure to make students remember the guts of digestion.

Clever Chemicals (Junior and T.Y.)
The Chemical World strand is widely covered in this workshop and participation is paramount as pupils learn about Acids, Bases and pH scales. Groups build their own pH scale and explore the pH of everyday and common materials. Mr. Boyle is introduced as is his contribution to indicator development. An acid/base workshop wouldn't be complete without a chemical reaction and we don't disappoint!

Shocking Science (Junior, T.Y. and Senior)
Build three types of circuits (simple, series and parallel), add some bulbs, buzzers and switches and a little competition and you have an electricity workshop not soon forgotten. . We explore fuses, plasma balls and static electricity. Why safety is paramount with electricity and the use of the humble wire are all explored and we finish off with a fiery finale. Students are sure to be shockingly entertained!

Survive Antarctica (Junior, T.Y. and Senior)

Take your class to the most unexplored part of our Earth with our "Survive Antarctica" workshop. Exploring the depths of the Great White Desert, this combined geographical and scientific workshop studies weather, heat transfer, adaptations of animals and lots more. We follow in the footsteps of legendary explorer Tom Crean and using hands on, practical examples and applications of Science we discover who will survive the world's most hostile continent and why.

  • Minimum €180 payment per school. Maximum 30 students per Workshop session.

Book now for National S.T.E.M. Weeks as they fill up fast.

Engineers Week: 24th Feb - 2nd Mar

Tech Week: 22nd - 28th April

Space Week: 4th - 10th Oct 

Maths Week: 15th - 22nd Oct

Science Week: 11th - 18th Nov

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