Lismore Heritage Centre, Co. Waterford Lismore Heritage Centre, Co. Waterford

The Robert Boyle Escape Room

To book our Robert Boyle Escape Room click here or call us at 058-54975.

Duration: Game time 1 hr (60mins)

Times: First Room 10am. Last Entry 4pm

Robert Boyle has been trying to solve many of the most puzzling scientific questions of the 17th century. Robert Boyle’s nemesis, the fraud, Vincenzo Falcone believes that Boyle has discovered a mysterious ingredient which can turn base metals into gold and give humans the gift of immortality.

Falcone knows that Boyle is away on important business in the city today and Falcone will be here in 60 minutes to search Boyle’s study for his Alchemy Box. Can you find it before Falcone gets here? Find the clues, crack the codes and get out of the room with the box. You only have 60 MINUTES and THE CLOCK IS TICKING. Come in and try set the new record for the Robert Boyle Escape Room and get your team name up on the leader-board.

Price Information
Team of 2: €50
Team of 3: €67.50
Team of 4: €70
Team of 5: €72.50
Team of 6: €75

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