Lismore in Virtual Reality


The Lismore Castle Experience  

Glimpse inside the 12th century Lismore Castle and the lives of the famous people who lived there through Virtual Reality. Experience the daunting views as you fly over Lismore Castle and the dramatic Blackwater River, see the rooms that Fred Astaire and his sister Adel danced around within Lismore Castle.

Robert Boyle, Father of Modern Chemistry will lead you on a tour of Lismore Castle and introduce you to the people who lived there in the past. Discover President John F Kennedy’s connection with Lismore.

Hear about the artifacts hidden behind the walls for over 200 years; see the magnificent replica Crozier, on loan from the National Museum of Ireland . Discover the Book of Lismore: 15th century medieval Irish vellum manuscript.  

From there take the opportunity to become Adel or Fred Astaire, Robert Boyle or the beautiful Charlotte Boyle in our Dress up room; and take the perfect selfie. How good are you listening skills? Test yourself with our quiz......


Castle Experience VR

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