Enjoy a glimpse of what Lismore have to offer

Lismore Castle VR Experience

This is a taste of our Virtual Reality tour of Lismore Castle, a brilliant opportunity to see behind the walls of the fabulous structure. 

Lismore Heritage Centre Virtual Tour

Take a virtual trip around our building to see what we have in store for your visit.

The Ballysaggartmore Towers

We take you on a short tour of the Ballysaggartmore Towers and talk a little about the history behind the towers and their construction. The towers are located outside the heritage town of Lismore and are the perfect spot for a walk.

Robert Boyle Ecsape Room

Breaking out of an Escape Room is not an easy task. A series of very difficult challenges await you. Solved in succession, each clue unlocks the next and brings you closer to your prize, escaping within an hour.

The Lismore Experience

This Mini-Film tells the story of Lismore from the arrival of St. Cartage in 636 to all the Hollywood stars, American Presidents, Famous Chemists and all the other influential historical characters in between. 31 years after the making of this mini film we are delighted to bring it you online for everyone to enjoy the History of Lismore, Where the Past is Always Present.

Discover the Sights of Munster

A Munster Vales video showing some of Munster’s most spectacular sights.

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