Can you ESCAPE in time? The Clock is Ticking!


Breaking out of the Robert Boyle Escape Room is no easy task. Once you are admitted to the study of world famous scientist, Robert Boyle, the man who came up with Boyle’s Law and is known as the father of modern chemistry, a series of fiendishly difficult puzzles await you. Solved in succession, each clue unlocks the next and brings you closer to your prize, of escaping within an hour.

Suitable for all ages and fun for all the family, find the clue’s, crack the code’s and get out of the room in 60 minutes or less, can YOU escape?  Our escape room is available daily at a variety of times.  While being named after Lismore’s own famous chemist Robert Boyle, our escape room changes frequently.   Read more on our official page which can be reached using the button below. 

(Please Note that children must be supervised by an adult at all times)

Duration: Game time 1 hr (60mins)
First Game is at 10am.
Last Game is at 7pm.

Team of 2: €50.00
Team of 3: €67.50.
Team of 4: €70.00.
Team of 5: €72.50.
Team of 6: €75.00.

Escape Room Table

Well Worth! Really cool. We managed it with 50 seconds left and we’re very proud of ourselves. Staff were extremely helpful and friendly

Ciara G, August 2022

Enjoyed the escape room experience! The time flew by! Great deal on a Tuesday! Would definitely do it again!

shabuggy2022, August 2022

This was the best thing for fun to do we really enjoyed it. Staff here were very helpful and very pleasant and efficient at their job thanks again. By the way we got out in 57 mins.

Louise O, Youghal, July 2022

Hocus Pocus Fun! Neither of us had done an escape room before but this was absolutely fantastic.
Its very cleverly laid out, it is visually pleasing. The staff are absolutely amazing at explaining everything and made us feel welcomed and even gave a few hints. I am very excited to try the Robert Boyle room next.

Rosajo86, Co. Tipperary, October 2021

10/10! We booked this not knowing what to expect as we had never participated in an escape room before.
We absolutely loved it, fantastic day out and we would 100% do it again.

Niamh H, Ocotober 2021

Must do activity while in Lismore. Just spent an enjoyable hour at the lismore heritage centre at the Robert Boyle escape room. It’s something fun and challenging to do, when visiting Lismore. Suitable for older children and their parents.

MWylie2017, Co. Dublin, August 2021

Great way to spend and hour in Lismore! Had a great time in the Robert Boyle Escape Room. Strikes a great balance of not being too difficult but also being very satisfying to complete, would highly recommend.

HardyM2, Dublin, August 2020

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