A wide range of immersive STEM programmes. 


Primary School STEM Programme

Lismore Heritage Education is a Science Foundation Ireland, “Curious Minds” Centre and we work with Primary Schools nationwide to deliver a hands-on, immersive STEM programme to suit any size of school or class! We also offer STEM workshops throughout the year for the public. 


We have 4 STEM Programmes for Primary Aged Children;

*Mobile Science Workshops

*Super Science Boxes 

*School Tours

*Informal STEM Workshops (public)


Acids And Bases
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Our Primary School Mobile Science Workshops are always a winning way to get STEM in your school. With a wide range of topics, a flexible schedule and most importantly great content, we visit your school and bring some magic to Science, without the cost and hassle of a bus. Each workshop takes place in your classroom and is fully interactive and hands-on. We provide all equipment. 

In general, the workshop takes place in the childrens’ own classroom. We spend one hour per classroom and depending on the size of your school, we can bring multiple facilitators to run workshops simultaneously. 

Below are our available workshops, we work with you to choose a date and we fit around your timetable. Each class may choose a different workshop if they wish.

If you have further questions, please contact us for a no obligation consult. 

Topics Available:

  • Junior Science – Suitable for Junior/Senior Infants 
  • Amazing Engineering – Suitable for 1st Class up 
  • Astronaut University- Suitable for 2nd Class up 
  • Guts of Digestion- Suitable for 2nd Class up 
  • Chemistry Kids- Suitable for 2nd Class up 
  • Shocking Science- Suitable for 2nd Class up 
  • Crime Scene Investigation- Suitable for 4th Class up 
  • Antarctic Adventures- Suitable for 3rd Class up 

Duration: One hour per workshop 

€5 per student


We have a range of School Classroom Science Boxes available, with enough equipment for up to 30 children to do the same experiment, at the same time! The perfect STEM solution for busy educators. Each box contains in-depth instructions and ALL equipment needed. Make doing STEM in the classroom easy, hassle free and time saving for teachers.

Stinky STEM

This is Science like you have never smelled it before! “Stinky STEM” is suitable for 2nd class and up and contains 4 fizzing, whizzing, ‘acid and base’ experiments. Everything you need is in the box, and everything can be refilled to start all over again!

Tiny Tots

This Classroom Science box contains 5 super experiments! This box contains enough equipment for up to 30 children to use at the same time! The experiments are suitable for Preschoolers – 2nd class, although older children enjoy them too and can also do them with more independence.

Disgusting Digestion

Discover your body from the inside out with this Super Science Box! Disgusting Digestion takes you on a journey with your food along your mouth, stomach, intestines and all the other organs along the way. This box is hands-on, visual and your kids will be delighted and disgusted all at once! This box is recommended for 2nd class and up. Every single thing you need to get from treat to toilet is included!

Home Boxes

All the above boxes, are available for Home use also, with two sets of all equipment.

For more information and prices on Classroom or Home Super Science Boxes, check them out on out our online shop below.



Choose as many of the activities below as you wish for your School Tour.

Contact us now for a fully customised school tour to give your class of adventurers  the perfect day out.

Activities Include:

  • Horrible History (In the forest)
  • Woodland Wanderers (In the Forest)
  • Puzzle in the Park
  • STEM of Stories
  • Virtual Reality Experience
  • Scribble Squad

Lismore offers a state of the art playground and beautiful park, which no visit to Lismore is complete without! We can also offer food options if required.

€15 per student

Walk In The Park


We hold Informal STEM Workshops (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) throughout the year, both indoor and outdoor. Past themes include; Rocket Building, Forest School, Horrible History, The Science of Stories and lots more!

These workshops are a great way to integrate STEM to with fun and creative activities.
In general, they are held at weekends and school holidays. Please contact us for further information

Duration: 2 hours

€15 per child

We went to the Heritage Centre to view the new Lismore Castle Experience. What a way to see inside the Castle and the rooms!
I won’t spoil it by writing it here but IT is a MUST DO when you go to Lismore!!

Celia K, October 2019

Omg what a fantastic experience I don’t think I have enjoyed anything more in a very long time from the moment we were met by the tour guide Sheena who was personable and knowledge in such a relaxed and warm atmosphere, the 360 tour was just so Wonderful and I felt we were taken back in time ,I would highly recommend this tour.

Hilda M, County Waterford, April 2022

Went to see audio Wednesday 2nd March. We thought it was incredible.  It started wt. plan view of castle and surrounding fields and river it then showed some rooms inside castle.  Absolutely loved it.  Worth a visit.  Outside viewing room was history of famous people.  Lismore experience.

Wander822106, Glanmire, Ireland, March 2022

Delivers what it promises. Good place to go for advice on touring,. The 360 degree virtual visit to Lismore Castle was most enjoyable. Clean toilets.Dun01170, Dublin, Ireland, Aug 2021

Super VR tour of Lismore Castle. This was so much fun for everyone including the child who couldn’t stay on his seat. It’s not long so children won’t get bored, but it’s very well done.

Susanh0815, Ireland, Jun 2021

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