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Unless the Cavendishs invite you to visit or you have deep enough pockets to rent the entire castle for a week, our tours are the only way to see inside the castle. Feel immersed in the history of the castle as characters from centuries before tell you their stories. Visit the beautiful halls, the chapel that was turned into a dining room, luxurious bedrooms and the ballroom where the Astaires danced all night. Our exclusive VR experience gives you a real taste of the lives lived here by generations of Earls and Dukes.

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Join us on guided walking tours around the town where you can visit all the local landmarks and get a true feel for this beautiful town crammed full of history and great stories. Enjoy the beauty and immense grandeur of Lismore Castle from the many vantage points around the town.

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Alohomora Escape Room 

What is an Escape Room you might be wondering? An Escape Room is a imersive game where a team of up to 6 are locked into a special room for a set amount of time, usually an hour, and have to find a way to escape by finding clues in it, and solving puzzles.
We change the theme of our Escape Room a couple times a year and it is suitable for all ages and fun for all the family!
Our Escape Room is available daily at a variety of times, which you can browse at the link below, Can you Escape?


If you’re holidaying in Waterford or on the Copper Coast and you get stuck inside with rain, come to us and we will sort you and your kids with one of our brilliant science boxes. We also run STEM workshops for little scientists at weekends, so be sure to check out what’s on!
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