Lismore Heritage Centre has a wide range of experiences to suit everybody. How about a Virtual Reality Tour of Lismore Castle? Or perhaps setting a new record in our Robert Boyle Escape Room? Maybe you would prefer to take a journey on one of our many Guided Town Tours? No matter what you’re into, there is surely something here to catch your interest.

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Lismore Castle VR Experience - See inside the castle in Virtual Reality

Your guide will bring you through the curtains where you will be immersed in the experience and history of Lismore Castle using modern technology.

You will be given a tablet on which the history of the objects on display in the AR Room will be visible by holding the device up to a trigger on display. Discover how priceless artefacts were hidden away and forgotten about for over 200 years.

You will be taken through the Cavendish Blue door into the Virtual Reality room where you will receive your headset, where Robert Boyle will tell you the story of those who came before and after him to live in this beautiful place.

Adults: €10  Seniors: €8 Children: €5

The Robert Boyle Escape Room

Robert Boyle has been trying to solve many of the most puzzling scientific questions of the 17th century. Robert Boyle’s nemesis, the fraud, Vincenzo Falcone believes that Boyle has discovered a mysterious ingredient which can turn base metals into gold and give humans the gift of immortality.

Falcone knows that Boyle is away on important business in the city today and Falcone will be here in 60 minutes to search Boyle’s study for his Alchemy Box. Can you find it before Falcone gets here? Find the clues, crack the codes and get out of the room with the box. You only have 60 MINUTES and THE CLOCK IS TICKING.

Price Information
Team of 2: €50
Team of 3: €67.50
Team of 4: €70
Team of 5: €72.50
Team of 6: €75

Guided Town Tours

Guided Town Tours

Through a Lismore Heritage Centre Guide, visitors are brought right into the heart of the history, culture and heritage of this jewel of a town in County Waterford.

The walk begins at Lismore Heritage Centre and ends by St. Carthage’s Cathedral. Hear about Lismore’s time as the greatest Monastic School of the 18th Century, the Viking invasions in Lismore and Lismore’s 12th century Roundhill Norman Settlement. Learn about the historic Lismore Castle and the famous people who have lived and visited there including Fred Astaire and John F. Kennedy.

Visit St. Carthage’s Cathedral with its medieval tombs, stone carvings and fine stained glass windows.

Price: €8 per person

Family Fun Adventure Pack

💥 New Family Fun Adventure Pack 💥
Summer holidays are almost upon, our NEW “Family Fun Adventure Pack” is a great adventure. Take your explorers on a quest around beautiful Lismore. 🏰 ⛲️
The Family Fun Adventure Pack includes:
🌼 The Family Fun Adventure Booklet
🌸 Lismore Heritage Centre Frisbee
📓 Lismore Heritage Centre Back-Pack
✏️ Lismore Heritage Centre Pencil Pot
The Family Fun Adventure Pack is available both in-store at the Heritage Centre and on our online store. Follow the link below to order your afternoon of adventure today